Client Services

We provide complete tax related services to our clients.  Our focus is on the individual who has the financial resources to take advantage of multi-faceted investment opportunities.  This includes, but is not limited to, securities, alternative investments and real estate. We involve ourselves at each step of the investment process.  We encourage the client to speak to us while he or she is thinking about the investment in order for us to contribute our expertise and experience at that juncture.

  Specifically we concentrate on the tax impact of each of the following areas for the individual and the family unit:

Income Tax Planning

  • Timing of bonuses
  • Maximize the deduction for self-employed retirement plans
  • Timing of capital transactions
  • Analyze the impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Maximize the benefit of charitable gifting
  • Coordinate the impact of investment interest expense
  • Maintain contact with partnership investments

Estate & Gift Tax Planning

  • Discuss the importance of and coordinate completion of wills
  • Effective utilization of the lifetime gift tax credit
  • Avoidance of generation skipping taxes
  • Coordinate appraisals for discounts
  • Account for and direct the distribution of estate and trust assets
  • Alternative wealth transfer vehicles – trusts, partnerships, foundations, etc.
  • Serve as Fiduciary

Alternative Investments

  • Review agreements for new investments and business ventures
  • Work with experts in the area of asset allocation
  • Monthly report of economic performance of investments
  • Assist clients with withdrawals from and contributions to their investments

Retirement Planning

  • Advise on formation of retirement plans
  • Required minimum distribution planning
  • Work with brokers to distribute the required minimum distribution payment
  • Review retirement account forms for beneficiary designations

Brokerage Account Activity

We monitor the brokerage activity of our clients.

  • Monitor security transactions and the effect of capital changes
  • Identify transfers for new investments, liquidations, gifts to individuals and charities
  • Review broker’s summary of realized capital transaction reports for accuracy
  • Advise on year-end selling
  • Prepare securities litigation claims


  • Prepare all tax filings for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations and charitable foundations
  • Respond to all government notices
  • Represent the client in an audit
  • Retain all client documentation

Household Payroll

Many of our clients employ household help.  We prepare all initial and periodic tax filings for these employees.

1099 Reporting

Many of our clients employ household help.  We prepare all initial and periodic tax filings for these employees.

Other Areas

We are available to our clients for other financial related matters, for example:

  1. Arrange mortgage loans
  2. Arrange lines of credit
  3. Interaction with co-op boards to secure purchase of apartment
  4. Statements of net worth
  5. Monitor withdrawal provisions of investments
  6. Co-ordinate establishment of partnerships to facilitate group investing
  7. Review and comment on partnership formation agreements
  8. Review and comment on employment agreements
  9. Monitor business employee payroll
  10. Bookkeeping Services
  11. Assist in the completion of new investment documents

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