Firm Profile

Who We Are:

Wolf Maryles & Associates, L.L.C. was formed to provide comprehensive tax and financial management advisory services to high net worth individuals and their family units.   We encourage all family members of the prospective client to benefit from this service.  This affords us the ability to efficiently plan intra-family transactions for the benefit of the family unit.  We currently provide this service to approximately 75 family groups. We provide our clients with timely and in depth information so as to enable them to make the most efficient tax and financial decisions.  Shimon Wolf is the managing member of Wolf Maryles & Associates, L.L.C..  We are an organization of 13 individuals.  Amongst us we have eight CPAs, one attorney, five Masters in Tax and one Master in Accounting. 

What We Do:

We provide complete tax related services to our clients.  Our focus is on the individual who has the financial resources to take advantage of multi-faceted investment opportunities.  This includes, but is not limited to, securities, alternative investments and real estate. We involve ourselves at each step of the investment process.  We encourage the client to speak to us while he or she is thinking about the investment in order for us to contribute our expertise and experience at that juncture.  

We think about and monitor the client’s tax situation throughout the year and when applicable, suggest to the client tax strategies that enable them to organize their affairs in such a way as to minimize their tax impact.

We encourage the client to focus on wealth transfer and other aspects of estate planning and have us participate with the attorney and other professionals in the drafting of legal documents and in executing these strategies.

We project the client’s taxable income several times a year.  This involves an analysis of their activity and communication with their money managers, as necessary.  These projections are done for both estimated tax requirements and year-end tax planning. 

In the event that the client does not have access to any outside professional to complete a transaction, such as an attorney or insurance agent, we will make the appropriate recommendation.

See the client services page for more details.

Professional Responsibilities and Continuing Education:

We are cognizant of our professional responsibilities and place a high value on continuing education.  We invite professionals to speak to us about their area of expertise.  Topics have included insurance planning, retirement planning, asset protection, asset allocation, estate and gift tax, generation skipping tax, international taxation, sophisticated securities transactions and current tax updates.  Our staff also attends tax seminars given by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants and other professional organizations.  We adhere to and often surpass the continued education requirements of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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